What to expect at your appointment

Our Master Artists are trained by Celebrity Microblading Artist Lindsey Ta and specialize in her award-winning techniques. Say goodbye to drawing on your brows every morning. Say hello to effortless eyebrows.

Step 1



A lot of clients ask us, “Does it hurt?” The answer is: nope! Most clients do not complain about any pain, and some even fall asleep during the process! Before the procedure, we apply a topical anesthetic and wait 30 minutes to ensure you feel as little discomfort as possible. You can sit back, relax, and dream of having eyebrows in the shower… because it’s all happening!


Step 2

We Interview You


After we numbed your brows, we’ll interview you about your makeup routine and lifestyle. Do you draw your brows on everyday or only special occasions? Do you like bold, statement brows or soft, subtler brows? Many clients have over-plucked in the past, and want a return to their signature look. During the interview, we’ll work with you to customize your best brow.


Step 3



Once we determine your best brows, we’ll sketch your new eyebrows directly on your face. During this step, we’ll ask you to smile, laugh, and make different facial expressions. Our goal is to create beautiful brows that match the symmetry of your face. We’ll help you find the perfect color and shape just for your face.


Step 4



Once your eyebrows are numb, we begin the treatment. This takes approximately one hour.


Step 5



And finally, the big reveal! After your treatment is completed, we’ll wipe away the excess ink and reveal your brand new eyebrows! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your eyebrows. No more stressful morning maintenance. No more eyebrows on your pillow. Just perfect brows every day, rain or shine!

Our happy customers wake up to flawless brows, and we take great pride in that. Our services from Microblading to Powder Brows can change your life! Check out our Instagram channel for emotional eyebrow transformations