Lativa Lashay

Lativa Lashay

Certified Microblading Artist

Lativa Lashay is a Licensed Medical Esthetician, also certified in Microblading, Ombre’, and Lip Blushing.

She graduated from one of the Country’s top Aesthetic Schools knows as NIMA: The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. In most states it is not necessary to have any other qualifications besides training for microblading, most training maybe 20-50 hours tops! (That’s not a lot).

For Lativa this is a little concerning because permanent makeup is more than just a “pretty tattoo on your face.” Most permanent makeup artists may or may not actually even be certified, offering these services or have any type of medical background. Because we are breaking the skin it is so important to understand what the skin is and how it works.
Getting Permanent makeup is a permanent decision, choose a skilled hand and an artist that is certified and properly trained. Lativa was trained by one of the industry’s best celebrity brow slayer’s Sandi Fox with Couture Brows.

Quality and service are Lativa’s number one priority, safety and comfort are a given. Book with her today and find out why she really is the best in her industry.