Obey Lashay Esthetics Is A Specialized Beauty and Makeup Studio Located In Las Vegas

Obey Lashay Esthetics is exclusively focused on achieving
the best results in eyebrow microblading. Our Artists use the latest techniques
to create a perfect shape for your face. Whether you have light eyebrows, no
eyebrows, or partial eyebrows, a microblading procedure can give you natural,
flawless, fuller looking brows. The results can last anywhere from 12 to 18
months, depending on different factors affecting the procedure.

The Obey Lashay Esthetics branding system is derived from
the local culture embedded within the city of Las Vegas.

Getting Permanent makeup is a permanent decision, choose a
skilled hand and an artist that is certified and properly trained. Latvia was
trained by one of the industry’s best celebrity brow slayer’s Sandi Fox with
Couture Brows.

Quality and service are Lativa’s number one priority, safety
and comfort are a given. Book with her today and find out why she really is the
best in her industry.